A Growing Community of Social and Creative Entrepreneurs at UCSC

Bees of the Central Coast

Illustrations and poetry on the amazing diversity, beauty, and ecology of wild bees. Find out more

Immersive Cartography

A creative collaboration for re-imagining the forest economy of the state of California.

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Let's Get Social!

A virtual-reality platform for social causes through user input to the platform. Find out more

MidGray Collective

Art and design to promote healthy masculinity with the help of technology.

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Near Menu

Designing cost effective restaurant menus for customer smart phones. Find out more

Santa Cruz Waveworks

Provides real-time, streaming, continuous surf forecasts to surfers, mariners. Find out more


Aims to put a nano-satellite into low earth orbit (LEO) for amateur radio operators. Find out more


A reliable, solar-powered emergency radio station to coordinate relief efforts in the event of an emergency. Find out more  


WaterTap Sensors

A smart water sensor-grid that monitors water usage per outlet in a household. Find out more

Formula Slug

A nonprofit engineering organization at UC Santa Cruz created for students, by students. Find out more

Just Biomedicine

Understanding investments in data-driven approaches to biomedicine.

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Developing a method to sort different types of nonferrous metals with electromagnets. Find out more


Moody is a mobile organization app to provide dynamic feedback for a happier life. Find out more

Optima Swarm

The creation of a Universal Swarm Intelligence Software to optimize anything. Find out more


Bolstering alternative seafood markets’ ability to be competitive in global economies. Find out more

Sol Searching

Investigating water purification through evaporative distillation for families in need. Find out more

Te Miti Sportswear

Te Miti Sportswear is a water sportswear line created from sustainable fabric. Find out more

Way Out Ticket

A simplified platform for money exchange between artists and their audience.

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Reducing the cost and increasing the accuracy of gas meter readings.

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Easily find a parking space at an affordable price or for free. Parking just got easier with us.

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Materializing Interactive Research

Empowering artists and designers to cultivate expression through embodied code.

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N³8 (incubate) is a web-based platform to document, archive and evolve ideas. Find out more

Santa Cruisin'

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions by promoting biking as a mode of transportation. Find out more

Seeking Symbiosis

Connects design and research with stylish prints for clothing of species interactions. Find out more


Glasses device that detects above-waist objects for the blind and visually impaired. Find out more


Water Lab 2.0

A small-scale integrated water treatment system to produce potable water. Find out more