Sol Searching

Sol Searching

Investigating water purification through evaporative distillation for families in times of need.

Team Lead: Carey Williams
Inadequate access to clean water is an issue still plaguing too many parts of the world. Even in a country with the industrial success of the United States, we still see catastrophes like Flint, Michigan which left people without a clean water source. Crises like these fuel our motivation to explore alternative water purification technologies. Evaporative distillation is the most cost and energy efficient purification method.

We are a group of graduate students interested in automation based, sustainable technology.  Our current goal is to provide proof of concept, utilizing the 3D printing capabilities provided by UCSC, and the funds provided by IDEA Hub. We are investigating whether an automated evaporative distiller can purify the volume required by families in times of need.  Imagine pouring a bucket of water out on the asphalt on a hot summer day; in short order all the water will have evaporated. Our goal is to miniaturize and control this same process, while collecting the evaporated water. Following proof of concept, we will integrate solar panels and power storage to ensure the unit is fully automated with no environmental impact.  Such a device would be fully portable, and deployable to anywhere in the world, regardless of an available power grid.

Team Members:

Carey William

Roy Sfadia
Tyler Smart