Te Miti Sportswear

Te Miti Sportswear is a water sportswear line created from sustainable fabric

Team Lead: Grace Reed
As Te Miti Sportswear, a water sportswear line created from sustainable fabric branched out into swimwear, a new brand was born. Sea. Swim. Wear. is a line of bathing suits made of biodegradable material that serves as a platform to educate about human impact on the ocean and practicing marine stewardship.

The suits have tropical print to engender thought about the ocean while the social media presence and branding explore ways to get people interested in taking action to prevent further environmental degradation. The ocean spans most of the planet and we must ensure that it remains as clean as possible for marine- dependent peoples as well as all people on Earth. Many cultures’ economies and traditions rely on the sea and degradation of marine ecosystems would result in slow eradication of Pacific Island nations. The recently announced swimsuit brand Sea. Swim. Wear. intends to highlight ecosystems that are vulnerable to changes in the sea as well as people whose vitality’s depend on fully functioning ocean systems.