Seeking Symbiosis

An eco clothing line and educational art project to expand science literacy

Team Lead: Juniper Harrower


Juniper HarrowerAt Seeking Symbiosis we create stylish prints for sustainably made clothing and accessories that highlight research on threatened species interactions in our national parks. These products are linked to an eco-art educational package, bringing together science, art, and education. We aim to elevate public awareness about the importance of species interactions and biodiversity loss, hopefully driving greater personal responsibility and public involvement in conservation issues. We partner ecology researchers who are top in their field with outstanding artists to create custom artwork and public friendly descriptions. This outreach will be heightened through partnerships with national park educational interpreters by providing them with a tailored eco-art educational package (prints, curriculum describing the research, animation, and sustainable actions). They will be able to use our curriculum to describe the research inspiring the artwork that is ongoing in their park during public tours and info sessions and then direct people to the park gift shop if they'd like to purchase apparel.

Seeking Symbiosis has received IDEA Hub funding for both 2018 and 2019 academic years. With funding from Idea Hub they have been able to meet with buyers for the National Park face-to-face, show them the catalogue, and discuss the potential for carrying Seeking Symbiosis in the gift shops. Any left over funding from the business trip will pay designers to create additional designs. So far they have hired a project manager and a curriculum developer to help broaden Seeking Symbiosis's education outreach. Additionally, they have screen printed the designs on clothing and have a completed a brand new look book that has been posted on their website

If interested in assisting Seeking Symbiosis, please contact Juniper Harrower.

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