Bolstering alternative seafood markets’ ability to be competitive in global economies

Team Lead: Stephanie Webb
Sea+Tech is a team of software engineers and community supported fishery operators to develop a web-supported, mobile-based platform. Supported by, Berkeley Big Ideas and UCSC IDEAS Hub, the platform will bolster alternative seafood markets’ ability to be competitive in global economies as well as grow consumer and fisherman knowledge about value-based, sustainable seafood markets. 
Sea + Tech matches supply and demand in real-time, (2) builds consumer awareness, (3) streamline communications with fishers and consumer alike, (4) maintain and recognize business trends, and (4) track customer leads for value-based seafood intermediaries. Sea + Tech is accessible on mobile devices as well as desktop applications, providing the flexibility needed for managing day-to-day operations of seafood distribution as well as day-to-day convenience for consumers. It traces aggregated inventory from individual fisher through processing to customer by maintaining information about product origin, variety, product yields, and waste. Sea + Tech not only increases the trustworthiness of seafood but it also helps overcome multifaceted obstacles facing the seafood industry and create a level economic playing field for small scale, value-based seafood intermediaries. Sea + Tech has been awarded IDEA Hub funding for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 academic years, allowing them to create a prototype.