Melodie Michel

Way Out Ticket

A simplified platform for money exchange between artists and their audience

Team Lead: Melodie Michel
Melodie Michel is a musician, she has played for more than 10 years as a freelancer in Europe, mostly in the Early Music scene, where you have no contracts and very often the performers are also their own organizers and promoters. She came to the idea of Way Out Ticket as she noticed that spontaneous donations at the end of the concert would often be more profitable than fixed-price entrance tickets. Why not doing it through a simple app, easy to access and easy to use for your different events?

The goal of Way Out Ticket is also to allow more transparency between audience members and the artists they want to support, and to promote a greater commitment of listeners to their local scene.

A great number of side uses for this app are possible, such as: concert promotion or localized events agenda, rating on artists and venues, following of (and participation in) your favorite artists' success, alternative concert notes in a digital form, and many more!

We look for:

  • Coders and particularly app developers
  • New Media graphic artists
  • Musicians or concert venues (that can be private homes!) to test the app
  • Music lovers who want to share their practical needs
  • Lawyers or someone aware of legal issues
  • Funding to launch a first version of the app in 2018