WaterTap Sensors

WaterTap Sensors

Developing a smart water sensor-grid that monitors water usage per outlet in a household.

Team Lead: Christopher Villalpando
Christopher Villalpando

The goal of this project is to develop a set of smart sensors that monitor the water consumption per outlet in a typical household (i.e. faucets, showers, bathtubs). The users will be able to receive usage alerts and access water metrics on-demand through the use of a mobile app or web browser. The system will allow users to detect abusive water consumption, detect water leaks, and motivate a responsible water usage.

This project pursues an Internet-of-Things approach to connect users with an always-on network of sensors that aid our day-to-day activities. The sensor modules are designed to be easy to install, utilize low energy, and provide ease of data access.

This project could potentially benefit homeowners everywhere. However, we believe this system will have the greatest impact in high-density population areas such as the city of Santa Cruz. Due to its small size, Santa Cruz housing units are typically overpopulated, and utilities can skyrocket if not managed properly. This system will assist tenants and landlords to better monitor water usage and even split bills accordingly.

This project targets an environmental concern which is abusive water consumption. California has been declared in state of emergency for several years due to its water supply scarcity and high water consumption. By providing homeowners with the tools to monitor water usage, we can create a culture of awareness and improve our water utilization. We hope to help alleviate the burden of droughts, have our water supply last longer, and pay less in water bills!