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Near Menu

Cost effective digitized menu through everyday smart phones, utilizing technology such as NFC and iBeacon.

Team Lead: Song Hun Baek
This idea will aid in saving restaurant owners from the expensive costs of designing and printing mass copies of  physical menus. NFC tags are a much cheaper alternative that can, in the future, not only provide an innovative way to advertise their dishes, but also  save time for both the customers and waiters in the long run. NFC is an internationally used technology that is easy to use and adapt into one's daily lifestyle. It only  takes the consumer to taps his or her phone onto a surface to receive the information. The cost of designing a well-made menu can be anywhere upward of $120 which doesn't include the major printing costs. NFC tags can be purchased for market price right now for under $10 for packs of five. These tags are manufactured in the cents out of state and can be marketed for a much higher return. Restaurant owners can now have a reliable way that can last longer than a physically printed menu and easier to replace. In addition to the financial advantages of using this product, it also saves the customers time when viewing and placing an order. Happier customers bring in more consumers that will benefit the restaurant owners. Especially for busy sit-in restaurants, customers often find themselves struggling to place an order or remember who waited their table. With the Near Menu, customers can now sit down and order according to their own agenda. As a result, this will help the busy waiters while saving the overall utility of the restaurants customers. Overall, Near menu  provides a modern approach to advertising that is cost effective and practical that will aid future businesses in keeping up with this technologically progressive era.