Formula Slug

Formula Slug

A nonprofit engineering organization created for students, by students.

Team Lead: Kenneth Jones
Kenneth Jones

Formula Slug is a nonprofit organization at UC Santa Cruz created for students, by students.

Our team attracts like-minded, driven individuals and fosters a friendly environment for developing real-world experience. All projects, from the FSAE race car to the Solar Recharging Station, are 100% student-led and executed. Our mission is to complement traditional education with challenging hands-on projects for aspiring engineers at UCSC

The Formula Society of Automotive Engineering (Formula SAE or FSAE for short) is a collegiate design competition organized by SAE International. This design series is geared toward university-level automotive engineering projects, including an electric division, FSAE Electric.

FSAE Electric is a weekend-long design competition for university teams to compete their student-crafted electric race cars with each other. At the FSAE Electric competition, race cars are judged on their rules compliance, student design, business sales presentation, and on-track performance.

Formula Slug entered FSAE Electric in the Fall of 2015, producing our first electric vehicle, FS-0. Due to late error review, we were unable to compete with FS-0 and dedicated the car to research and learning projects thereafter.

We are currently designing for the 2018 FSAE Electric with FS-1 on a two-year design cycle.