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Team Lead: John Tauriac
As surfers in Santa Cruz, California, we developed Santa Cruz Waveworks because we needed the app as much as you do! When we were novices, we had so many questions—which equipment to buy, which beaches to visit. Luckily, this information was available on the internet… but what about when to surf and, even more difficult, when to surf at which beach?

So… we designed what we needed: a means to get accurate, real-time, streaming surf updates at nearby beaches, based on our individual preferences and locations.  We use Remote Information Peak Sensing (RIPS) technology to deliver accurate, real time reporting on marine conditions, based on local sub microclimate data. Based on your proximity to the surf, we let you know if you can get there in time to ride the swell before it ends.

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Santa Cruz Waveworks provides real-time, streaming, continuous surf forecasts to surfers, mariners, and anyone else who spend time in the ocean, so you can monitor surf conditions without spending countless hours at the beach. Our Remote Information Sensing Technology, collects wave categorization data, creating real time surf condition reports, data visualizations, and text notifications. We are looking for funding to move this project forward.

Key resources SCWW is looking for to help push its innovation further:John Tauriac

  • Team members with knowledge of Printed Circuit Board Designer
  • Team members with app development experience
  • Seed funding to move prototyping forward

If interested in joining SCWW, mentoring, or seed funding, contact President and CEO John Tauriac.