Let's Get Social

Team Lead: Parul Wadhwa
Let’s Get Social, a virtual-reality platform, tests a user’s calling and conviction for social causes through the user’s creation of content in the platform. To take us to the next level, we need:

  • UX, UI developers
  • Technologists proficient in Unity (and/or game design and VR)
  • Graphic designers
  • Website developers
  • Managers of non-profits working with communities
  • Funding

Parul Wadhwa

Parul Wadhwa is a new-media artist and documentarian. She is currently working to create new-media which blurs the boundaries between film and technology to create immersive environments. Her research interests include interactive, digital storytelling and Virtual-Augmented-Mixed Reality(VR/AR). She is excited about the utility of new media to create social impact through participatory storytelling. Previously, she has worked in the film industries of UK, South Korea and India in production, post-production and digital film-restoration. She is also an MFA candidate at the Digital Arts and New Media Program at University of California, Santa Cruz.