Water Lab 2.0 hero image

Water Lab 2.0

Water Lab 2.0 is a small-scale integrated water treatment system that takes secondary effluent and produces potable water.

Team Lead: Kenneth Jones

In developed nations, such as the United States, large-scale water treatment facilities are feasible due to the existing infrastructure. Water is sourced from surrounding areas via the sewer system and power for the facility is accessible due to surrounding transmission lines. In communities where this infrastructure is nonexistent, a large-scale water treatment system is impractical, resulting in an inability to treat water and a reliance on freshwater sources being inherently safe for use. Water Lab will address the absence of water treatment in these communities by providing a water treatment system with integrated solar power generation. By taking secondary effluent and producing potable water without relying on existing infrastructure, Water Lab demonstrates that small-scale water treatment is a viable solution to this problem.


Team Members:
Matthew Cavallero
Jeffrey Chen
Daxing Deng
Kenneth Jones
Derek Quiroz