Genital Jungle

Queering sex education through playable media.

Team Lead: Paloma Medina
Additional Team Members: Dennis Browe, Dorothy Santos
The Genital Jungle is a computational media-based playable game. This game seeks to trouble the phenotypic binary in sex education by providing queer-friendly information about anatomy, consent, and puberty. The game aims to provide sex education in a playable media format accessible to many age groups.


This is prototype of this project that was worked on during the UCSC hackathon: 

We approached this hackathon as an opportunity to prototype and test out some web technologies before embarking on a longer journey for a more complete sex ed application, which Paloma will continue to lead development on as she follows through on a proposal she wrote that was awarded an IdeaHub grant from Center for Creative Innovation and Entrepreneur Development. We are excited to have access to creative lab spaces provided by IDEA Hub! Find out more about this project at: