Trash Toss

Recycling. Better.

Team Lead: Ryan Jacobs
Additional Team Members: Samuel Rapp, Ali Babaei, Trieveon Cooper, Calum Chan, Maia Dupuis, Peter Huang, Amir Babaei, Ariel Goldblatt
Trash Toss is a mobile game development team working on an engaging and educational game designed around teaching people how to properly recycle. Counter to common belief, not every piece of cardboard or piece of plastic is recyclable. As a matter of fact, improper recycling clogs up the mechanical parts of recycling facilities and costs them thousands of dollars. Through our efforts, we hope to improve the recycling habits of our users and ultimately clean up our recycling streams.

The IDEA Hub grant will allow us to pay for the Apple App Store publishing fee. By publishing our game to the App Store, we can reach a wider audience.