2018-19 Enterprises

A Growing Community of Social and Creative Entrepreneurs at UCSC

Art I Don't Like

A web-based interactive art experience that provides personalized content to users  

Autonomous Wildfire Detection

Developing a non-invasive network of devices that autonomously scan an environment for wildfire ignition, alerting emergency personnel when one is detected.  


An autonomous seed planting robot that seeks to counter deforestation  

Genital Jungle

Queering sex education through playable media.  


The Idea Organizing, Team Building Creative Network  

Passive Cleaner Boat Bot (PCBB)

Carbon footprint solution to prevent further plastic accumulation and save local marine ecosystems while gaining practical, hands-on experience

Seeking Symbiosis

An eco clothing line and educational art project to expand science literacy


Slugs in Space: A small-satellite for HF communications and particle physics research